Enforcement of Agreement

What are the motions to file to enforce a separation and/or custody agreement? My ex has repeatedly ignored requests to honor our agreements on various points. I have asked repeatedly to no avail. We do have a mediator for the monrtary issues but nothing regarding various custody issues as the parenting coodinator resigned following repeated abuses by my ex. I really would prefer to just have her honor the agreement but feel that I am left with no choice but to file whatever motion is required.
Also, my 17 year old son has had contact with a 45 yr. old man who is a very poor influence. I have asked my ex to stop this contact but she refuses. I have also contacted the man directly and directed him to cease all contact with my minor children. We share joint legal/physical custody. he has refused to cut off contact as well. What can be done in that case? Must I file against him? Thanks so much for any advice you may offer.

You need to file a motion for contempt in district court under the file number listed on your current order. After a motion is filed, you need to set the same on the court’s calendar for a hearing date. You will need to appear at the hearing and argue the motion.