Equitable distribution


If she doesn’t like the outcome of the appraisal, she should pay for a new one. That is what we did in my case. My attorney used the appraiser that is the one that is approved by the court system, so my appraisal would have more pull then the one that he had. His appraiser refused to appear in court to back the appraisal.


It is not unusual that parties will disagree on the fair market value of an asset; resulting in multiple appraisals. I would think that your spouse plans to pay for the new appraisal. That being the case, it is unlikely you will be reimbursed for your appraisal fee. It is possible you could add the appraisal fees to the negotiation of your final settlement agreement.

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I paid $350 for a home appraisel and the ex-wife and her attorney wants a different appraisel thinking the house is more than what the appraisel is, when I get the other appraisel will I be reinbursed monies from it.