Erin, you did not ANSWER my question!


I posted earlier about the bill for orthodontic expenses. Perhaps I was not clear. Here’s the deal. The court ordered me responsible for 50% of uninsured medical, dental, and ORTHODONTIC expenses. The income disparity is huge…to the tune of over 400,000 per year to 67,000 per year, but that is neither here nor there.

The question is…the ex signed the consent form for billing payments at the orthodontist office…that HE is the responsible party!!! I signed NOTHING!!! In THAT regard, since he signed that HE is the RESPONSIBLE PARTY, IS THAT NOT A LEGAL OBLIGATION??? Seems the only way the orthodontic office could come after me would be through a COURT ORDER! HE SIGNED THE LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PAYMENTS!!!


The court order makes you responsible for one half of the expenses.