Errors on child support order, can I fight?

I recently was called to court to reassess child support. Apparently DSS is now running the show when it comes to cs. I was told I had no shot in winning in court, though I believe my ex is hiding money in her company she partially owns… but I digress… anyway, the DSS gal filled out the( Order) form for me to sign, which I did, so did my exwife, as did the JUDGE. I recieved the order in the mail. Yesterday I get a call from the DSS gal, who said she put the wrong date of birth on the Order, which both my and and I signed, as well as the Judge. She wants me to “stop by” and sign a new form acknowledging the error and for it to be notarized, which she will take to the Judge for “correction”… my question is, " Is this process estopped?" The Judge signed off that my kids are now 28 years old… just wondering if I have any principle to stand on. Thanks! Mustang.

No, the court can and will correct the clerical error.