Eviction and Seperations

I think the only way you can make her leave is file for Divorce from Bed and Board, and that takes a while. She is carrying on a blantent affair in front of you AND the kids with no remorse at all? I’m sorry. The fact that she doesn’t work places her as the dependent spouse in NC. You work 3rd shift, so childcare is an issue. You are in a tight spot, I’m afraid.

I would consult a lawyer and see what he/she advises. Start documenting times she is away. If you have any proof, start making a folder. If she is so blase about the affair, she’ll leave evidence behind. Take it and keep it. Maybe actual action on your part to address this issue will prompt some resolution. If you talk talk talk and do no action, she has NO reason to change the way she’s doing things now. You’ll have to be pro-active. Good Luck.

Dear stolenights:

Greetings. You need to file a claim for divorce from bed and board and a request for child custody. Thank you.

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I have been married for 3 years and my current wife is now dating another guy it isnt a hidden thing everyone knows she is and this isnt the first time that she has gone outside our marriage . Currently I work a third shift job and while i am at work her comes over and stays with her and on the weekends she leaves with him. I have been pushing her and him to get a new place together but this has been going on for three months now and it doesnt look like it is going to end anytime soon. We have 2 kids together and I am trying to keep this situation from affecting them and hoping for a peaceful ending to it all but it looks like im the only one trying to keep the peace. She does not work and I am forced to continue to support her because she will not get out and get a job . All i want is to find some way to get her out of the house so i can move on with my life but the big wall for me is that i work a third shift job and have absolutely no one that can really help me im not from this area so i have no family here and have only one friend . How do i get her to leave and how do i go about filing for seperation without making things worse then they already are