Ex lives in a new county

with the 50/50 arraingement there really isn;t much you can do unless one of them wants to make the change. The ex commutes almost two hours every day?!?! She must have a hybrid or a free home to commute that far in this part of the country. Reguardless, unless the kids say they want a change at that age there really isn’t much you can do unless the momma is willing to negotiate or sees what she is doins as detramental to the kids.

Fortunately the children are not being neglected or abused. They eat junk food at their mothers…unless they express the wishes to their mother to start eating better while they are with her there is little that you can do. You can not control what their mother does.
The commute…hey if she’s willing to do all the driving more power to her. It’s better than her asking you to split the commute with her. There’s little that can be done about this unless the children want to change the custody situation in which case you could file for modification due to the distance…

Thank you for you reply and no the ex does not have a hybrid and have a home free commute (I wish I had one LOL) it cost the ex $30.00 every 2 days now it will be more due to the price of gas now and this is 6 days of work.
Thank you for your reply what about the children staying at the place where she works until the ex is done with work and having to drive back the 2hrs. The children do not get the right rest and quality family time is this more important then anything.
Its not the stupid adults but the children that are losing here but understand that there is nothing unless the children do something about this. I must thank all of you again and hope this mess will and can be turned around only time will tell.

If the situation was not like this when your custody order was entered, and you believe it is having a negative impact on the children, you could file a motion to modify custody. However, you would need to have some evidence of the negative impact this is having on the children.

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Can someone help me or tell me what to do. I have a 50/50 custody one week on and one week off. My EX lives 3-4 counties away I think. The drive time one way is around 1 1/2 to 2 hrs my children have to get up around 5 am give or take the EX gives them a cup of coffee and says lets go. There ages are 15(20LOL) and 13 they go to school where I live the bus drops them off and picks them up at my house and the EX picks them up at my house or at school. Then they must sit where the EX works until the EX gets gone. The time the EX maybe gets done is from 6-8 pm then at time they all must drive back the 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. My childern says they get back around 8:30 or 9 pm. My 15 year old said that she drove back and she dose not have a permnit to drive I told her do not drive no more until.
They eat junk food most of the time when they are with the EX. When they come back for my week the first 24 hrs they tell all what was bad and then some I know they are blowing off steam I understand what and where they are coming from and they eat WOW do they eat(I love it when they eat).
I even went to DSS about this and they told me theres no problems that we can see, I will be going back to see why about this is.
What can I do? what should I do? my children say the samething the drive is to long and eat junk (etc) Please let me know I reaaly need some help here
Thank you