Transportation of Children

Dear Stagar:

Greetings. Thank you for the feedback on our website, as we are glad to be of service to our clients and the community! I think that you have raised two issues. The first issue may be how much time you and your husband have with the children and when that time will be. Maybe you should request all long breaks from school (alternating Christmas day every year). The second issue may be a modification of child support due to the increased expenses in gasoline, etc. The court does often take into account the distance for visitation. Best of luck.

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Hello All,

First, I have to say this is absolutely the best website and forum I have found regarding NC family issues. The wealth of information is amazing and I thank you for it.

We, my husband and I, currently reside in Charleston, SC and his ex lives in Charlotte, NC with his two precious boys. It is difficult to drive all the way to Charlotte on a friday evening and pick them up for our weekend visit and then return them to Charlotte on Sunday. His ex consents most of the time to meeting us 1/3 - 1/2 way on Sundays, but she has recently started backing out of that as well. We will drive the entire distance for interaction with the boys, but can you tell me what the precedent is or who the court places the responsibility on for transportation. Mind you, my husband works and the majority of the time she doesn’t. The total distance between our two house is approximately 200 miles.

We are still in the process of filing paperwork and the issue will be address in court in front of a judge or maybe we can resolve it in mediation, but that is doubtful. Any informatio you can provide on this subject is greatly appreciated.