Ex Not Allowing Phone Calls & Atty Behavior

My girls are with their father in NC at the moment. Our Court Order states calls at 7:30 on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

On Sunday, no answer on the girls’ cell phone or dad’s cell (there is no home phone). He later texts me and says they are at a concert and will call me later. I ask what time and he will not respond. I did not hear from the children. I began calling again at 9:00 and called a couple more times up to 10:00. Father texts me after 10:00 and says they just left the concert and girls are asleep, I can talk to them tomorrow.

Next evening, no answer on his phone or the girls phone again. He tells me in both text and email that I can’t talk to them until the following day, Tuesday at 7:30 per the Order. After several texts and emails and one copied to his attorney, he finally relents and let’s the girls call me. They say they don’t know where their cell phone is and they wanted to call me the night before, but they couldnt’ find their phone and dad would not let them use his.

Last night, Tuesday, I call beginning at 7:30 per the Order. Again, no answer on any phones. No response to messages or text messages or email.

I sent an email to to his attorney last night asking him to intervene and speak with his client. Attorney’s response (actually what he said): “As I told you a long time ago, you reap what you sow. I am sure that Mr. X will act in accordance with the Order. That way, at least one of you will be doing so.”

I am in compliance with the Order. I don’t act in such a childish manner. The attorney somehow believes everything his client says, even though my ex has been caught in his web of lies in the courtroom.

This same attorney got angry with his own client and left the conference room when we attempted to negotiate a settlement at the final hearing. There were items that my ex and I were in agreement on that the attorney was angry with him for agreeing to. He apparently left the conference room, walked to the hallway stating out loud “I hate that woman, I really hate that woman.” My friend and my children were outside in the hallway and heard this. They all knew that he was talking about me.

He then returned only to scream at me to “sit down and shut up” - not once, but three times . I wasn’t being nasty in any way, but I was standing up for myself. I wasn’t going to be intimidated. I told him I would not stand for this and we should just have our hearing, which we did.

Basically, I think the attorney’s email response to me about “reaping what I sow” is telling his client that it is okay to withhold communication with the children. What are your thoughts on this situation?

If your ex is not following the Order regarding the calls your recourse is to file a motion for contempt.