if you will look at my post under “father will not respond”…you will see the heck we are going through. after father went behind my back and cancelled our daughters psychologists appt without telling me, and making an appt to fit HIS schedule…without asking for my input…i had told him he had no right to do change that appt behind my back or without asking or considering my schedule. I did NOT tell him to cancel that appt, made NO suggestions for him to cancel the appt that he made…he emailed me last night to tell me that he left a voice mail for the psychologist to cancel the appt that HE made!!!..NOW…we have NO appt for our daughter…when 2 has been set…and both were cancelled by the father!!! we are waiting on psychologist to call back so that we can ONCE AGAIN set an appt. I know this is neglectful to our daughter, and he obviously isnt concerned about her well being…I want to show the courts his games thats hes playing…WHAT do i need to do or file?? and when??? this is why i asked in previous post what is ENOUGH for the courts to pay attention to before filing?? I do NOT have an attorney…cannot afford one…so am doing this myself.


I apologize, but this circumstance is beyond the scope of the forum.