Ex Parte/ Custody Modification


I had to file an ex parte order for my child and after both sides were heard by a judge he continued the order until the trial. The father has no visitation or contact with the child until a trial date. What can I expect without divulging details? Hes been busted and is waiting for a trial on drugs and guns which is why I filed in the first place. The custody modification is for me to move to another state and limit his visitation. Are my chances good? Ive never been in trouble and he has been in loads. He has a skank living with him that hes not married too and he hasn’t paid child support in 8 months. (another trial he has coming up) thanks for any advice or help…


I can’t really speak to what your chances will be at your return hearing as these decisions are completely in the judge’s discretion. I would just be prepared to explain to the judge that it is in your child’s best interest for you to relocate (ie, higher paying job, closer to family, etc.). The judge makes a decision based on the best interest of the child, so focus on how the move will be good for the child.