Ex Parte Order

While I understand what an ex parte order for change in custody is, one the lawyer and the client agrees that an ex parte order is the way to approach the case, how long should it take to file it? It is my understanding that an ex parte is an EMERGENCY order and time is of the essence, so would it be unusual for it to take longer than 3-4 weeks for it to be filed? Also, anyone know of a good lawyer who handles cases in Craven County (I called your firm, but was informed Rosen Law Firm does not work in Craven County) or in New Bern, NC who can handle a change of custody based upon the instability of the mother to provide a stable home for my stepson, in addition she was arrested for assault and battery on her previous live-in boyfriend last year and spent the night in jail (we only found out about this this past weekend.) Thanking everyone in advance for a quick response.