Ex refuses to sign off property

My ex and I divorced in 2009 and by judge’s order - I was to have the home. He was ordered not to impede or prevent me from claiming the home and re-financing, etc.

I did re-fi, in 2009 and the attorney stated that she needed him to come and sign off the documents. He has refused. He continues to refuse.
He has been informed time and again, and he refuses.

The lender allowed the loan and I’m paying on it, every month… but the title/deed (double wide on real estate) still has his name BUT he is not on loan, or had to apply.
The attorney handling the re-fi has the court order… but she still, to this day, says there is nothing she can do about it. he must sign off.

What do I do?
I haven’t the money to seek another attorney to then fight… is there not a legal thing to have him removed if he continues to refuse?

You need to file a motion for contempt to enforce the court order since he is not complying with it.