Ex selling and trading my belongings

I’ve been dealing with my ex husband and his refusal to give me back anything o mine, except for a bag of clothes from when we were together. I have seen other women wearing outfits and dresses he has dated that were mine and he gave them to those women. I had a beautiful dining set I had inherited that he refuses to give back. We had 2 pets that Itold him id love to have considering I had been their sole caretaker and provided for them and done all vet appts. One of our pets he had put down, and the other he sold along with all of the supplies. He thinks its funny to tell me stuff of mine he sells or trades with his buddies to get what he wants. I want my stuff, and yes I probably do sound petty, but Ihave asked and pleaded many times, and Ihave made sure anything of his was returned to him and was well taken care of. Is there anything Ican do so he can not sell or trade anymore of my belongings or be able to get back my stuff that he has gotten rid of??? Thanks!

You should file an action for equitable distribution, and include a motion for return of separate property. I would also include a motion for interim distribution of all your marital property that is personal in nature and also request that the court enter an order that he stop disposing of your property. You may not be able to get the property returned that he has already disposed of, but you can ask for reimbursement for the property if it was your separate property, and if I was marital, you can ask that the expense of the property he has disposed of be considered by the court when dividing the remaining property.