Equitable distribution

I will be buying my ex out of the house. He has the idea that I have to pay him for half of everything he chose to leave behind. There’s a lot of stuff here (we were married for 24 years) and frankly, some of it is stuff I just don’t want, and apparently he doesn’t either. Can I tell him to pick it up or I’ll donate it? He claims that if I donate it, I will be committing fraud by hiding valuables.

Put him on notice that you intend to get rid of the items he left behind (email or text would be best so you have a paper trail), and if he would like to take possession of any of the items he may do so. You aren’t required to keep personal property that you do not in fact want. He can’t force you to take property you don’t want, and then ask you to pay him for it.

Keep in mind the value of various pieces of furniture and household goods that he is looking for reimbursement for is probably very low. The value considered from an equitable distribution standpoint is the fair market value as of the date of separation (ie, what it would sell for on Craigslist).