Household Assets



I have some questions regarding marital assets (i.e. furniture, appliances, clothes, etc) still residing in the marital house, which my ex still lives in.

When I left the house, I was only able to take some things with me. There are many of my things, such as clothes, books, etc that I want to get, but he will not allow me to have anything. How can I get my things? In addition, I’m wondering if the value of the assets within the house will be included in the asset distribution. If so, how might those things be valued/appraised?

Thanks for your help!


Personal Property is included in Equitable Distribution, and the value of these items is a resale value, essentially what you would sell them for at a garage sale.
If you have an action pending for Equitable Distribution you can file and schedule a motion for interim distribution in order to get your things back.