Exactly how to you file a supboeana?

i looked thru all all the recent posts on this but i don’t see any info about how to do this.

i have never done this before.

i checked the web site www.nccourts.org but it is mostly spam with lots of contact info for lawyers and stuff like that.

if i go to the clerks office in the wake county court house do they have forms there or do i need to type this out myself

how many copies do i have to have?

approximately how much does this cost at the court house? for filing it?

i know i have to use certified mail to send it to the person i want to get into court.

i really do not know what I am doing and i do not have alot of time to do this. any help i would really appreciate. i really need to get the forms or know how to do it myself.

thank you.

There is a subpoena on the AOC website Subpoena | North Carolina Judicial Branch
As a pro se litigant you will need the clerk to issue the subpoena for you. You need to make a copy for the file, one for opposing counsel and one to serve. There is no cost to file a subpoena.

ok i got that.

thank you

how do you know what to put in some of the blanks?

for example

where does the person have to be? can you just put wake county district court? is that it? is that what is officially called? how do you f ind out the court room number? the person on the form should know the number of the court room and also the date?

what time do witnesses have to be there?

You need to list the address of the place the person is to appear and testify, the courtroom number if applicable, and the time of the appointed hearing.

how do you find out which court room? is that already assigned for a case at the end of this month? how do you find out?

i only have the papers i was served in feb. no court room is listed for this hearing.

if i am the defendant do i check pm for time? or does my witness need to be there for the whole thing?

do i need to have full address of the court house? where can i find out this information? address of court house and court room number?

You will need to speak with the clerk to obtain information on when the hearing is scheduled. You do need to list the full address of the courthouse, you can find in on the ACO website, or ask the clerk.

ok i think i have that.

i will ask the clerk to find out the court room number.

but exactly how many copies do i need. four or three?

one to the person getting it

one for his lawyer

one for me,

or is it one for the courthouse to keep a copy of?

and if i want a copy then that would make four copies all together?

is that correct?

thank you.

If you want to retain a copy you will need 4.

thank you very much for your help. i really am greatful.

You are very welcome.

I think I made a mistake.

was i supposed to take that downtown and have it stamped in the room where you get files before i mailed it?

i see now that it says a receipt for the mailing is supposed to be attached.

what exactly are you supposed to do. i filled out four copies. i mailed it to the recipient. was i supposed to attach the mail receipt at the court house?

The subpoena sent to the witness should have a card that will be signed and returned to you once it is received. This will be returned to you so that you can prove service.