Exhibits help please

if you want to file a motion for something and you also have a exhibit how do you file that or are you supposed to? if your exhibit is not a piece of paper but a thing how do you do that? are you supposed to call it a exhibit? and do you need to give it to your opponents lawyer?

i was told had to make motion and did that by myself but now i am seeing that other side when filed motion on me had exhibits. if I am going to show ANYTHING at a hearing for this motion do i have to disclose that when i file for the motion.

how do you get to make sure that the motion will be heard at same time as hearing for custody?

is very confusing

Thank you again

Exhibits can be attached to motions in support of the same. If your exhibit is something other than a document, it should be introduced into evidence at the hearing when you present your side of the story to the court.

If you would like the motion to be heard at the custody trial you will have to arrange this with the clerk.

so you do not bring it with you? but only to the court on that day?

what if you think it would be better to do let a judge make request to hear it sooner than the hearing since it should effect outcome of hearing?

and who do you ask about these things?

do you need to let other side see your evidence before day in court? if its not a document and you cant attach it what do you do aobut letting them see it?

Some counties require that the parties exchange an exhibit list prior to trial, others do not. You will need to read the local rules in your county to determine whether you need to give the other side notice of what you plan to introduce at trial.