Submitting records during hearing

I have filed a motion for relief from judgement. Is there a procedure for submitting medical records during the hearing?.. or do I just give the medical records to the judge and copies to ex’s attorney?

You will need to introduce them into evidence, and present a copy to the opposing side.

If I am going to submit additional items into evidence will I need to label them as exhibit A, B, C, etc or does the judge do that?..or is that even necessary? I will be submitting medical records, affidavit, and phone records.

Yes, they must be labeled as separate exhibits.

Does the judge provide something for me to label or do I need to bring my own labels for them? My hearing is tomorrow and I am making sure I know exactly what to do. Thanks so much as always for all your help!

There should be exhibit stickers in the court room, if not you may hand label them at trial.