Extraordinary expenses

I have had really bad legal representation in this county and neither lawyer I hired told me that I could request my ex to help cover cost of gas as extraordinary expenses. My ex lives almost 2 hours away. In the temporary custody schedule that was set up by the first attorney I hired, we had to meet halfway every 2 and 3 days on a rotating schedule until our custody hearing. The schedule has changed since my son started school, but now we are still having to meet halfway approximately 7 times a month. I am in the process of getting the custody order changed since my ex’s attorney typed it up incorrectly from what the judge actually ordered. In the schedule the judge set out, I would only have to meet my ex halfway 3 times a month.

My questions are: Would I have been able to get my ex to pay some of my fuel expense if my attorney had requested that for extraordinary expense when the temporary order was set up? If I can’t get the custody order changed and I have to meet my ex 7 times a month (approximately 90 miles round trip each time), will I be able to get ex to pay some on fuel expense and if so what would I need to do to get this?

Extraordinary expenses for transporting a child may be added in to the support calculation, but are not always included. It is up to the discretion of the judge.