False allegation due to jealousy: how to stop?


“WOW” very interesting, This is what is still happening to me after 4 years of being with my boyfriend, his ex is just like your wife exactly the same, only difference is that they did not have kids. She is obviously jealous that you have moved on, and she is in my opinion afraid to have to work even more to maintain the family, But you are still helping her which is no reason for her to get upset. She wants for your friend to get frustrated with these issues, and wants for your friend to leave you, Eventually all these reports will get her. Just ignore her, don’t answer her calls, keep recording them, and you as well file reports with the police. Believe me she will quit. Tell your friend not to let these bad things you wife is telling her or you about her, that is what she wants to break you all up, so she can get you back. But the kidos are the most important thing than anything right now. Good luck write back

isabel martinez


My boyfriend of 9 years has been in your shoes. His STBX came to his house with his kids in the car about a year after they had separated and he and I started dating. She brought a butcher knife with her. She proceeded to start an argument and started swinging at him with the knife and eventually nicked him on the arm. HE called the police and when they came, they locked him up!!! When he went before the magistrate, he was released and the policed were reprimanded for locking him up when she was guilty of several crimes including domestic criminal trespassing. The police used the excuse that they didn’t want to arrest her with the kids in the car watching. So they arrested their dad (I don’t see their logic). The magistrate asked him if he wanted to press charges. Not wanting to upset the kids, he said no. Big mistake!!! It has been 9 years and after much harassment, he finally had to have her arrested on several domestic criminal trespassing charges, communicating threats and she finally just pulled 45 days in jail.

Keep records of everything she does and record whenever possible the conversations. This is what finally convinced the judge that she was a threat. The final straw for me (I put my foot down and said he would press charges) was when he called my cell phone and asked how far I was from home (we had been together for 4 years). I was 5 minutes away and when I got there, in the yard were 2 policeman, her and him. She had called the police and told them that he had changed the locks on “their” house and would not let her back in. She said all her stuff was still in the house including her ID. They were just about to cuff him and break into “MY” house when I got there. I had to show them my drivers license and my key to the house. I then proceeded to go into the house and produce the lease with "MY’ name on it.

I wish you the best and hope she is not as crazy as his STBX (divorce hearing is on Monday 04/17/2006. Hope this will soon be over but expect her to make a scene at the courthouse.

Best Wishes


well i just spoke with my attorney yesterday evening and she told me to file the two charges of harassment and violating 50-b. I did not tell her I already did that, but she confirmed that i did the right thing. I have 7 cd’s full of harassment from my ex and now an eighth, 12 minutes worth from this past sunday alone, between 6:30pm and 8:00pm… my lawyer also told me she will probably file a retalitory charge, but there’s nothing we can do.

they will be serving her any day now, with a criminal summons, and I expect a warrant for my arrest shortly thereafter for gods knows what. probably telephone harassment or sexualy abusing the kids. I have done none of that, but that won’t stop her and the magistrates in brunswick county who seem to like charging on a whim of a crazy lady… Wish I could sue them for malicious prosecution, but they are immune…they just say “if som’budy comez inta the magistrate and holds thar hand on the byble, we will issue a warrant…”.

oh well, wish me luck.

thanks for listening…
i’ll keep you posted.


“Ell God I reckon”, I too have had big problems with Brunswick County,
for 20 years, almost everyone in that small county knew my x was the biggest drunk that ever pissed between 2 legs and sometimes did,when I finally decided I could no longer allow my 7 year old daughter to live in his insanity he threaten to kill me if I tried to leave.
Alimony and murder went hand in hand like peaches and cream.
The DA Rex Gore told me I had been abandon for booze and drugs and was entitle to whatever I needed to support me and my child.
Marital property was worth a few hundred thousand.
When he learned I had talked with the DA, drugs was later found in my car.
I do not do drugs, someone had to maintain the home for 20 years and that someone was me, I maintain my home with a clear and rational mind.
At the end of the day I was left penniless, homeless and he had full custody of my 7 year old daughter.
Later I found out he was sleeping with my best friend and my sister.
My daughter seen him in bed with my friend and he emotionally blackmailed her, she was 7. For 4 years, she forgot what she knew and seen.
All will be OK though, God’s Hands reaches deeper and wider than mine.


maybe somebody should sue brunswick county. they don’t seem to be too bright down there. and they keep ruining people’s lives.

any lawyers reading this think I have a case? I’ll be happy to provide all details, evidence etc etc…


you cannot sue the government for malpractice. If you could they would be in court everytime they make a ruling that somebody does not like. Which lets be honest that would be all of them.

What needs to happen is that the laws need to change. There is no good reason that a no fault divorce should take 13-14 months. 90 days should be the max with a mean of less then 40.

Also the DA needs to routinely put people in jail for lying under oath (ok maybe not jail but 52 saturdays picking up trash on the highway will get the point across as well) which is what you are doing if you swear out a 50-b falsely. Also if your STBX swears falsely against you that’s called slander and is actionable.



yes but if they do the same thing 2x (listen to someone who has lied before, and provided no evidence to support charge) i think somebody should be sued… this sort of thing needs to stop…


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I have been seperated from my wife of 9.5 years for 11 months.  I knew it was over when I suggested we seperate.  If it wasn't for waiting a year, I would have divorced last year.  Anyhow, I have met someone last year, after seperation, and my ex is very jealous.  We, me and my ex, have two small children aged 8 and 6.  Both boys.  I entered into a seperation agreement voluntarily and am paying more than required child support since the seperation, her car payment and insurance etc.  I make substantially more per year than she does.  

Since I have been seeing this person, my ex has become insanely jealous. She started harassing me constantly via telephone and in october of 2005, I filed a 50-b against her. When she was served the 50-b notice, she retaliated by filing a charge of stalking against me the VERY next day!! We live 200 miles apart and I was no where near her when I supposedly stalked her. I have receites to prove where i was. I was arrested, and charged with stalking and released later that day after serving 7 hours in jail. She had come to court to answer to the 50-b before I found out she had charged me and she mentioned nothing about this “stalking” to the judge and she did not contest and the order was made for 1 year, against her. I found out later that week (which was a week after the 50b hearing and 3 days after my arrest) that the charge was dismissed by the brunswick county da the day before I turned myself in at the wake county courthouse. I turned myslef in because my ex wife told me two days before while we swapped children that she filed the charge against me. Under the advice of an attorney, i turned myself in. Why was I booked at all if the charge was dropped the day before???

I thought about malicious prosecution against my ex, but did not go through due to lack of funds. Now on to the current issue. We have just signed a new seperation agreement, where she contributes towards her car payment, and where it is outlined more about visitation with kids etc. I get them every other weekend. And we meet in warsaw NC, which is 1/2 way between my home and hers. This past weekend, I had the kids, had them over my friends house and had a great time. We went to the park, ate pizza, did a little walking at the park, the kids really like her. She threw me a party, for my birthday which is this week. I left her house sunday evening, went to warsaw to give the kids back to my ex, she was ok, as ok can be with her…

Shortly after the exchange, i’m talking 2 minutes, she starts calling me on the cell harassing me about my friend being a whore/slut etc and I wasn’t to have the kids around her. The agreement states sleep overs, and I don’t do that when I have the kids. I stopped answering the calls because they were becoming abusive. She proceeded to leave 19 voice mails, all with belittling accusatory statements in them. She threatens to file charges against my friend for child molestation! She is making up lies and I fear she is making the kids say what she wants to say or is just plain making stuff up. She uses the words like ****, whore, slut, bitch in these calls, right in front of my kids!!! They heard every word she spoke because they were right behind her in the car!!! I have all of these recordings taped and on cd. I have proof that she makes my kids lie on tape. She is an habitual liar and I fear she may try to ruin my friends life or mine, or both. WE HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!!! We are not sickos, we take them to the park!!! In broad daylight! She needs to be stopped. Brunswick county doesn’t seem to check that well for facts when they file an arrest warrant. Last time, the city police where hse lives, told me that she had called them saying i was outside her apartment, they wasked where and she said right outside now, they stated, we are out here now maam, we don’t see him! The caught her in a lie. Why wasn’t she charged with perjury??? Lying to her magistrate??

I went to the wake county magistrate recently and filed charges against her for harassment and violating the 50-b. The magistrate stated that there is compelling evidence to arrest her, he listened to all 19 recordings in shock. I chose not too, for my childrens sake. Now, I am not sure where to go. My current attorney is in denial, and she states to just not give in to her hysteria! I am scared! My friend is scared. She has done this before, true, it was dropped, but I had to spend a day in jail, for nothing! I was totally innocent and still am! I fear that when she is served for the civil summons, she will retaliate again! this time I may never get out, yet I am totally innocent!! What do I do? Please help…

we live in wake county nc…