False physical and sexual child abuse claims

My STBX has tried to make me apppear as an unfit mother since I asked for a divorce in May. He has claimed that I am a drug addict and an alcoholic. I have proven these accusations false and they are now not an issue. He has now stated in an email from his attorney to mine that he believe’s that I am physically and sexually abusing our daughter. All of his allegations are completely false. Considering the severity of his latest allegations, I need advice as to how to handle this legally. These accusations are very serious and I am extremely concerned for my children’s mental and emotional well being. His email states that my daughter has told him things that cause him to be concerned for her safety. Our daughter is four and I pray that he has made all of this up and he is not intentionally controlling conversations with her to get the answers he wants. I believe my STBX has mental health problems. We went to mediation 3 months ago and he has not stopped harrassing me and this latest attack is the final straw for me. I will not let him hurt my children to get even with me for leaving our marriage. What legal actions can I take to stop him? Thank you for any feedback.

Takeout a harrassment complaint …get a protective order against him…I’m not an attorney, but thats where I would start.

The way you should respond depends on where you are in litigation and my advice would vary depending upon the contents of the emails. If you have an attorney, I would either defer to his/her advice or I would seek a consultation with another attorney if you do not feel like you are getting good advice.