Fault filing?

Hello all,

I have some questions. I want to know if I should file fault divorce, and any other additional information I could use.

Here is some information:

-We are 24/22 respectfully
-Lived in NC for 2-years (married for about 2 1/2 years)
-She left (said she was going to visit family in another state)
-Told me she wasn’t coming back, wouldn’t give me her address (I have grounds to believe she was cheating)
-No real property, no children, no assets
-Was rude to my family (is that grounds for fault) – made life really difficult

If anyone has information, that would be greatly appreciated. I want to know TWO main things:

  1. Is this grounds for fault?
  2. How much will it cost/should I go to an attorney?

You don’t have to show fault to obtain a divorce in NC. The fee for divorce will vary based on your location. I suggest you contact a local attorney. If you are in Chatham, Durham, Mecklenburg, Orange, or Wake County then we’d be happy to help.

Hey Ryan, thanks! I am in WAKE county.

I got two simple questions:

If there is no fault to show, does that mean I have to still wait the year?

How much roughly would it cost with no assets at all? No home, no cars, nothing.

I am quite poor actually.

You have to wait a year. If you call my office we’ll be happy to talk to discuss the fees associated with absolute divorce.

I will also refer you to this portion of our website:

not an attorney

If you have no marital debt/assets/children, then the divorce should be fairly simple. You wait your year and a day, you file, you state there are no marital debts or assets to split, no children, and have her served. After 30 days, the divorce should be granted. If you don’t know where she is, then I believe you can serve her by publication in the place where believe her to be/last known residence.