Wanting to divorce

I heard there is a 40 day period for a Fault divorce. Is this true. Also, if I file a Fault divorce for an affair is there a way to not get alimony or any charges on my husband or his girl. I just want out asap, with no strings attached. I want nothing from him once we are divorced.

NC is a no-fault state. You must wait 1 year and one day before you can get divorced…even if adultry plays in the picture.

You could certainly waive all alimony claims and sign 3rd party waivers to bar yourself from filing charges against your STBX’s lady friend. All this can be worded in a separation agreement. I would see a lawyer for more guidance.

North Carolina is a no fault divorce state, all divorces are based on one years separation, there is no way to forgo the one year waiting period.