Filing Interstate Case with NC from Texas


After two long years, and no apparent solution, I’ve filed a motion to begin an interstate case with NC from Texas through the Texas Attorney General’s office. July 23, 2010 the non custodial parent and I went to court to establish/revisit the existing court order for child support. It was ordered that he pay 592 per month which included 100 towards arrearage, 202 towards insurance reimbursement, and 290 for the actual support calculated using his current income verified by W2’s and paystubs. We were to reappear in court on October 15, 2010, three months later, to ensure that he was in compliance with the order. He did not appear, he had not paid per the terms (or at all), and was sentence to 180 days in jail and a 1000K fine.

From October 15, 2010 until now I’ve been following up with the Texas Attorney General’s office tyring to find out the status of my interstate case. Here’s what Judd said from the OAG as of this morning, the certified copies of the court order have been recieved and sent to North Carolina, and they are simply waiting for a reply.

QUESTIONS: What happens next? Is there anything I can do to expedite this process and help the law work in my favor? He is over 25 thousand dollars behind and again hasn’t paid a dime in four months. If the last court decision was an order for arrest (habius corpus? spelling) and a thousand dollar fine, will that be upheld in NC? Can NC dock his unemployement checks now that they have the jurisdiction to do so?

I am no further along in obtaining child support than when I started over two years ago. It seems as though these governmental agencies are more for show than for function.

Brooklyn C.
Dallas, Texas


NC will honor the decree from Texas pursuant to Full Faith and Credit. Once NC accepts the Order, his unemployment checks can be garnished.


Thank you! I really appreciate the answer, Erin Clarey!

Once NC accepts the order what will happen next?


Likely the court will set a hearing date.