Filing multiple complaints on one Complaint

After visiting your website my son and I decided we might be able to do the self filing. His wife left him over a year ago. He keeps his son at least half time if not more than that. He knows his son loves his mother and although she is bi-polar he knows she loves him and would not hurt him. He has been paying her $100 a week without a court order they verbally agreed to it. She has moved twice and took him futher away from their home. He is seeking joint physical and joint legal custody. There are 2 questions. (1)Should he file for joint or sole custody 2. He wants to go ahead and file for divorce. Should he file a complaint with just Divorce, and file for Child Custody Child Support Property Distribution etc. on another form. It looks like one of your examples shows that you have file multiple complaints one one complaint. Thank you.

If the mother has a history of mental problems and there is a question as to whether she can make decisions in the child’s best interests, he should file for sole custody.

All the claims can be included in one complaint.

Will this delay his getting a divorce if she contest the other complaints?


What are the benefits of filing multiple complaints on one form vs. filing a divorce complaint seperately. ?

There will only be one filing fee to pay.