Financial decisions when still married

I’ve been told that no matter who earns money in a marriage, it is marital and belongs to the two of us. So when one spouse works, and the other refuses, can anything be done? I work and earn all the money and pay all the bills, while my spouse earns nothing.

Is it illegal for me to buy something substantial if my spouse doesn’t want me to, but still keep all the household bills and credit cards paid off? My spouse does not want to pay anything for my child (her stepchild) to go to college. The FAFSA form states a certain amount is “Expected Family Contribution”. How are these decisions made regarding money that “belongs to the two of us”? I don’t want to do anything wrong that can be held against me, but how do I know if it is wrong or not?

The money you earn is marital in nature, however you are also entitled to purchase anything you wish.

1- Does this mean that either one of use can buy anything we want (with either cash or credit card) and I am responsible for paying for it because my spouse has no income?

2- Am I required to put my paycheck into a joint bank account or can I put it into an account only in my name?

3- Is there any way I can require my spouse to earn money?

So long as you are living together in an intact marriage the law will not interfere with your finances.

You may place your paycheck in a separate account if you wish.

There is no legal basis to force your spouse to get a job.

Now, this is in regard to being married and still living under one roof, correct?

I have served my STBX with Divorce from Bed and Board papers including PSS, alimony, custody, ED, etc. etc. and he continually threatens me because “he pays most of the bills”, etc. Well he keeps threatening to throw me out or tells me if I move and take our daughters (they beg me to move every single day away from their father because of his actions) that he’ll get the police, etc. I understand he cannot legally do that but I NEED to save money to get us out of here and the only way for me to do that is to refuse to give him my paycheck any longer, or at least for a little while so I can save up SOMETHING to get us out of here. The legalities are simply DRAGGING on and it sickens me that I feel trapped and unable to go ANYWHERE (as I have nowhere to go and he constantly takes my money and leaves me with nothing).

So if we’re still married and under one roof, what happens financially doesn’t matter correct? (he’s also blaming me for a bankruptcy and claiming I’m horrible with money etc etc etc). If I refuse to pay any of the bills, will that reflect poorly on me? Somehow I HAVE to put some money away to get my daughters and I OUT of here.

Yes, the law will not interfere with an intact marriage, living together under the same roof. You may divert your pay into a separate account.