Finding a Deadbeat Dad? Any suggestions? Already using CSE

Anyone have any suggestions for finding a non-paying non-custodial parent?

Has not paid CS since 12/2010. CSE took over my case in 4/2011 and ordered him to make payments on the amount in the arrears and begin paying through Raleigh effective 5/2011. He never did. He has not paid one dime and is on hiding. No luck serving the last know address. No luck finding him through CSE (they run daily searching via their systems). No known employment. He’s been on a deadbeat parent poster, no luck. No luck from his family. No luck via internet/background searches. No luck with PI (only tried one so far) Anyone have any luck finding a missing deadbeat? How do losers like this sleep at night?

He has not has visitation with the children in over a year but occasionally call them from a cell phone #. They don’t know where his is either.

If anyone has had any luck with other options let me know.

Not sure what the PI already covered but there are several things you can do

1.) Last known address. Go talk to the landlord and find out whether or not he left a forwarding address. Sometimes people will give this to you.

2.) Last employer. Ditto, especially if he was paid by check.

3.) Last set of neighbors. Ditto. (Albeit that takes a bit of legwork.)

4.) Track down the tenant who moved in directly after he left his last place of residence. (Sometimes they get asked to forward mail.)

5.) Friends from high school/university. (Sometimes people either reconnect or stay connected with them.)

6.) Run his driver’s license through the state database.

These are just a few things that you can do.


Hmmm, it doesn’t look good…

He hasn’t worked in more than 5 years. Ex wife #2 was paying his CS for years. She finally kicked him to the curb (that’s the last known address) and she has no idea where he is. The sheriff tried serving him there. She is trying to help find him (she’s not a fan) but she has no leads either. No forwarding address. He moved in with some girlfriend but that address has also comeback bad. CSE has tried it too. I guess that girlfriend got a clue and moved on.

He has no friends or family that will rat him out if they know where he is. Every known contact was mailed the deadbeat dad poster and it did not produce a single lead. Unfortunately they are the same type of people/person he is.

I haven’t run the license # but I’m told he is run through a daily database at CSE that checks for anything that hits on his license, SS#, job, taxes, etc.

Thanks and let me know if you think of any others. :slight_smile:

Hmm. I kinda figured most of those might have already been tried. It might be worth a go on the driver’s license or VIN number on his vehicle if he has one. The only other thing I can think of right now is to look to his habits. Does he have any repetitive behaviors or hobbies? You might be able to trace him through those, although that could prove really difficult.

My thoughts right now are that he has probably left the state. (Either that or he’s a cash & carry enterprise right now.) Given the nature of state to state cooperation where law enforcement is concerned, even though CSE has his information, they may only be checking within the state, and any information that they may put on the national database, may take a while to get input in the system.

On that note…CSE may only be looking at in-state activity since until he crosses a certain threshold as far as non-payment goes (I think it’s monetary rather than timewise, but not sure), it’s a misdemeanor. Once it becomes a felony charge, then his name should be able to be added to the NCIC database (although you might have to go through the process of getting a warrant issued by a judge for him in absentia, notice for such a hearing could be published in the newspaper of the area where he most recently lived.) …if you have proof that he has already left the state to avoid payment of child support, then his name and info is eligible right now to be placed in that database. That is the national database…which means, if the police in any state ever run a check against his DL, then they will find him in there and he will be arrested and returned to NC for trial.

Thanks Athos,

Love the “Cash & Carry Enterprise” - I am pretty sure that is what is going on. I believe he is still in NC. Out of the blue he dropped some items off for my children in my mailbox one day when I wasn’t home. So he has to be somewhere fairly close.

I like the fact that over a certain threshold non-payment becomes a felony. I didn’t know that and there was no mention of that by my CSE case worker. Of course speaking to her takes and act of God so I’m not surprised I haven’t be told that. I will look into it. That could well be the answer because he cannot go 12 month without a ticket for speeding. He’s had dozens.

The CSE worker may not even know about that as it may not necessarily be common practice in this state, and also because it takes extra effort. (Someone has to be added to the database, it isn’t done automatically.) Generally speaking, state service workers carry large caseloads and are usually overworked because no one wants to contribute more money to social services. It’s why our last CSE worker finally quit. Too much to do, too little thanks, and more being added to the pile everyday.

I have since done more research and found you can also serve someone by “Process of Publication” do you know anything about that? It sounds like I have the “show cause” served via publication in the newspaper. I can tell from the occasional calls to my children that EX is still in the same city we are. If I could get him served by publication, and then have a court date, which he would likely not show up for, then maybe they would issue a warrant? Since he rarely makes it 6 months without a speeding ticket a warrant would be a good way to find him.

I am surprised no one at CSE mentioned this. but to your point they may not know or they don’t want to pursue things outside the norm because they are over-worked. The CSE office in our area looks like the waiting room for Hell so I’m sure it’s a difficult, underpaid, underappreciated line of work. And honestly you aren’t dealing with the most positive element of society… I’ve seen some of the hoods that come in there. It’s too bad. :frowning:

My now that I know about the Process of Publication and the Felony clause when back CS surpasses 10K (which it is about to) it gives me hope that I can continue to be a squeaky wheel and push my case forward.

Do you happen to know who CSE reports to? i.e. What sector of government in Raleigh is in charge of CSE? So I might have somewhere to write some letters push the felony charge.

Thanks again for all your help. I’ve learned more from this board than anything else.