Fire Attorney at this late stage?


Can I fire an attorney and represent myself either just before or at a hearing?

I will try to make this short. Ex filed for modification to custody. I hired an attorney. Attorney was not able to be present for hearing and sent associate. Associate was not prepared, did not know what questions to ask witnesses, did not know what witnesses were present and had not seen any evidence prior to hearing.

By the grace of God, the hearing was continued to another date (one week from today). Without going into details, I do not want to appear in court with the associate. She is hurting me more than helping me and I would rather represent myself (pretty clear cut case).

The associate told me the judge would not allow her to withdraw (even at my request) in the middle of a hearing. Is this correct? Shouldn’t I have the right to terminate her and represent myself?


You may fire your attorney at anytime, and if you represent to the judge in court that you wish to represent yourself that request cannot be denied.


That is fantastic! Thank you so much for your reply.