First court date

My first court date is now scheduled for the end of Dec,2011, It is a motion for interium distrubution and post sep. support. What exactly is going to happen on this court date? Is this just for the judge to hear my lawsuit and decide to continue with another court date? What should I expect with a first court date ?

The judge will hear the merits of the case and will render his decision after hearing all evidence.

So does this mean I need to get and present evidence of martial misconduct which is stated in my lawsuit, letters from friends that observed the two out of my presense? I am getting no where with my present attorney , my case has just been sitting collecting dust for the last 10 months. Or does my attorney need names to supenoa witnesses at this time , I’m lost and can’t get any information from my attorney.

If they are your witnesses, you may not need a subpoena. If they are your friends/relatives, they may come of their own accord. However, if they’re not in a personal relationship with you, it is best to subpoena them. I’m sorry your attorney isn’t more helpful to you. Yes, you will need to be prepared to go forward on that date, even if it does end up being continued for some reason.