Force Custodial parent to comply

Yes, she can be charged with contempt since you have a court order. The judge can “remind” her that the court order for custody visitations needs to be followed. You could probably contact the magistrate or clerk of court to see what your next step should be.
The next time that the police are involved, show them the court order. The police should be able to enforce it then, I would think regardless of whether or not they are inside the house.

Stepmother & kateyoung,

When my husband went to pick up his daughter from the mother (and he is the Primary Custodial Parent) we called the sherriff’s dept and police ahead of time. We knew the mom would make a big scene and wanted to know if they would assist in getting the daughter from the house.
They said they do not get involved in custody stuff like this because it is considered a civil dispute and not breaking their laws. The only thing they could do was accompany him to to the house and hang around, because sometimes the mere presence of authority would make her more likely to turn the child over. However, they wouldn’t be able to intervene if she didn’t let the child out of the house…

The only time they would get involved is if the judge issued something directly ordering the parent to comply or face arrest. At least, that’s what we were told by the Deputy Sherriff in Jacksonville, NC. The recourse would be to take her to court on contempt charges for the violations of the order.

I wonder why being outside the house makes a difference on a court order? Most court orders are not written to read that the non-custodial parent has visitation such & such day except when the child/children are inside the custodial parent’s home…
If the children are outside the home, can police then enforce a court order? I’ll admit that I’m not the most intelligent person out there, but this just doesn’t sound right…
Mathkittycat - contact the courthouse and find out how to get the court order followed or how to bring contempt charges against her…I admit I have had no experience with contempt cases so maybe an attorney will respond.

If one parent is not complying with the court order you will need to file a Motion to show cause and ask the court to enforce the order.

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How do you force a custodial parent to comply with the court order for visitation? One time she called the police when my husband went to pick up the kids on a weekend we were supposed to have them, and now she is planning things for them on our weekends. Can you go to a magistrate and have her charged with contempt? When the police came they said as longs as the kids were in the house they couldn’t make them go with him.