If your husband is not cooperating and refuses to sign the separation agreement it is time to file an action for Equitable Distribution, Alimony, Child Support and Child Custody.

The court will order child support in a temporary hearing which usually occurs pretty quickly. You can also receive back child support from the date of filing. The court will order him to pay and may deduct the amount of monthly support from his income through a wage withholding order. The court can also award you attorney

My husband and I have been living apart for almost 3 months. I hired an attorney to draw up a seperation agreement that my husband refuses to sign because he says he can’t afford to pay. I have not received a counter offer yet. In the meantime he has quit paying the first and second mortgages on our home and the house is now going into foreclosure. I do know his attorney was notified to inform him not to do this, but he has anyway. I know this is considered marital waste…but what can I do??? This is the only asset I have. I have one daughter, no income, bad credit and no where to go if the house goes into foreclosure. The house has been on the market for several months. I have not started receiving child support because he states he cannot pay the amount the attorney calculated.