GAL on my Motion

On the day of my appearance for a hearing, certain developments had come about between filing the motions and the hearing itself. These developments led me to request a GAL. The Court agreed. The GAL was appointed. I had my interview. All the other parties had their interview. I have an ex wife and two daughters. The GAL is a woman. The girl’s club is in effect and my actions are becoming interpreted in ways that would not reflect the true nature of the matters at hand. This is not wanting her to say what I want, this is more of matter to have the GAL report to the Judge matters from BOTH parities, not just my side. Do I have a method by which I can register a salient objection?

The basic tenet of my problem is that I have the Plaintiff who has Custody but who is also taking Custody of the Court Order. After 14 months, I can prove this and I have filed the current Motions in order to bring this before the Court and achieve some manner of corrections. However, the Plaintiff breaks the Order, I take her to Court and the Children 15 and 17 blame me for taking mom to Court…and at the last hearing, so did the Judge and the GAL…"so I allow her to operate with impunity, taking the kids out of town on my specified visitation days for example, and if I take her to Court, I am accused of ‘pressuring her’ and as the judge said, “think what you are doing to the kids.” Right now we are in another 3 month suspension where by the GAL monitors the situation. I am not at all confidant of a fair review. I need to object to the GAL but all she is required to give is an oral report. Since we are in an extended, three month review, (my motion was made 12/16/2013 and we just had the hearing with the GAL on hand, 2/24/14), can I request that she provide a written report since it was my Motion that she be hired?

Sorry to pack the forum with these questions? I have never been so dismayed in my life!

I do not know of any way to register an object.

There is no way for you to require the GAL to produce a written report for the court.