Getting engaged before divorce is final

I have been legally separated now with a separation agreement for over a year. There are no children or property to distribute and we were only married 1 year. I am starting the divorce process this week and hopefully complete by June. Can I be engaged prior to the absolute divorce being official?

Why is it so important to be engage now? Can’t this wait a few months? Good luck with life!

Not an Attorney

Engagement is not a legal entity, so it has no bearing on your separation/divorce. What does have bearing is whether this relationship that led to engagement started before your separation. If so, then your paramour is subject to a civil action of Alienation of Affection or Criminal Conversation. Also, understand, that if you are having sexual relations while separated and not legally divorced, you are committing a Class 2 misdemeanor crime in NC of adultery, although it’s not commonly prosecuted.

Yes, you can be engaged prior to the divorce being final. Wcom is correct though. It’s the other issues that arise with the engagement that are concerning.