Getting remarried


I’ve read a couple posts on this, but need clarification:

My fiance and I want to marry, but his ex-wife has stated that when she takes him back to court for more child support, she will be able to use my pay in the calculation…not correct??

Also, I have some assets in inherited from my Father’s death. If she takes him back to court (and we are married), if the assets are ONLY in my name, can she touch them?


I too am getting married in this October to a father of 2. I have already covered my bases here. The ex-wife cannot include your income in the child support calculations. Only the biological mother and father.

Also, any assets inherited before the marriage will remain your assets and cannot be touched.


Thanks for the info…covering my bases too:)


Even assets inherited AFTER marriage are separate assets. She can’t ever touch your inheritance.


It’s really sad that I actually have to worry about this stuff, but in this situation, really have to cover everything. Thank you!


Your pay will not be included in the calculation, it is only the income of the child’s parents (not step parents) that is used in the calculation. Your assets are also protected.


I have learned from the child support division on this:

If you remarry or your spouse remarries there are two things the child support division does.

  1. Cost of living for both parties. They combined the house hold income up, betweent the husband and wife. 2. It’s to cover the % of cost of living. So, in speaking if there is like $6,000 coming into the home between both spouse’s then they have a %. They then take ‘ONLY’ the NCP income and the NP income and run a calculation sheet. Child support is computted that way.

NO, they don’t use the other spouse’s income as a joint to determine support for that child/children. They are simple getting a cost of living. Has nothing to do with the case. They don’t want to take a NCP who is making $2,000 a month, yet has a $1,500 housing living, yet pay $1,000 in support.

It’s kinda hard for me to explain it. It took alittle bit to understand it when they used my husband income but didn’t use my husband income.

Here is the compute I was done at.

Myself = 2600 NCP = 4777
My spouse = 4900 NCP spouse = 3600

My support to NCP is 466.00 NCP support to me 266.66

Now tell me what happened here? They did their best explaining it to me. I took it as I just explained it to you. I hope you kinda understood this.