Girlfriend separated from Husband (Military)

My girlfriend has been separated from her husband since May 2010. They are pending divorce but haven’t started any paperwork. I am in the military and her husband is also in the military but not stationed at the same post. We have been talking for a while and want to move in together. Is this legal? Or should we wait? We are both suffering financially and it would be a great burden lifter if we both moved in together. Thank you for your time.

It is legal, but if nothing has been settled it make make her husband more difficult to work with.

From a spouse whom knows Military law.

The Military will frown on the fact that you are living with a military members spouse. Even though she is seperated from her spouse, she is still considered married and you can and would face an NJP or a worse punishment. My advice would be, that you two not move in together unless she has a signed document from her STBX and your command knows fully of the situation. If they advice you to not do it, you need to listen.

Good luck!