Giving up Parental Rights/Name Change


ok, this is going to sound silly but here’s the situation:

i would like to ADD by hyphenating my last name to my sons last name who at birth i gave him his father’s name (we were not married, but were going to be soon) or even dropping his name and adding mine only.

I asked my ex and he said the only way he would sign the name change papers is if i drop child support AND he will give up his parental rights. my question is - if he gives up his parental rights, which means he has no say so regarding decisions to his sons life, does he still have to pay child support? we do have a court order visitation - would he still have the right to see his son if he gives up his parental rights?

Anyway I can get the name change without his signature?

thank you for the clarification!


If parental rights are terminated (visitation and custody), the child support obligation is also terminated, however a TPR is not something the father can do on his own by consent, he must be an unfit parent.

You cannot change your child’s name without the father’s consent.