Grandparent Involvement

I have a few questions about grandparents. First I will give you the history.

  1. My Ex’s parents funded the long custody and ED battle, spending $30K each to fight over very little. Of course the kids were worth it, and eventually, the kids get almost equal time with both parents. My ex wanted every other weekend for dad.

  2. The grandfather has also attacked me and threatened to kill me during an exchange and has a restraining order against him to protect me and my family. He has violated that several times.

  3. My oldest, 11-years old, tells us that her grandparents say bad things about me and my current wife constantly, have said we will die, they won’t see us every, etc…

  4. The grandmother is telling my 3-year old child that their father is “not nice”, “he is mean”, “his wife is a b**ch”, “you don’t want to go to daddys”, “you should stay with mommy”, etc…

  5. The grandmother is also the instigator in the majority of the fights between me and my Ex. She fuels the fires and makes even the smallest disagreements worse.

What rights do grandparents have in custody?

What can be done about them, grandmother specifically causing trouble and drama?

Since both you and your ex are fit and proper parents, the grandparents do not have the right to sue for custody. As far as their alienating behavior goes, I would suggest you file a motion for judicial assistance and seek an order requiring that the child be kept away from his grandparents unless and until they change their behavior.