Guidance on ITem 3 in the Absolute Divorce Judgement documen

Good afternoon,

After I filed for divorce, and to get my x-wife to agree o the divorce. We both met with a notary public , where she has signed the Defendant’s Acceptance OF service of process and general appearance form for NC.
I have filed the form at the court, and they have advised that I need to wait for 30 days before I file for the Absolute Divorce.
I didnt send the documents to my wife in certified mail, nor did I send the Sheriff, as she have agreed to sign the Defendants acceptance of service now, but my quesiton here is that as I am filing the Absolute Divorce Document, what Do I choose In item 3, as there is no checkmark for an acceptance of service, and the 3 options in there aren’t the methods that the documents were deilvered.

Please advise.

Thanks a lot

I’m not sure which document you are talking about, so I can’t advise you of how to specifically complete it. Further, specific answers about completion of forms are outside of the scope of this forum. You should refer to our do-it-yourself divorce guide for more information.