Had to do everything


Hello. I have 2 children ages 6 and 11. My STBX has not worked since our 11 year old was born. I am still living in our 3700 sq ft home, but I am planning to leave soon because the arguments are escalating to violence. Right now I have left because things would potentially get violent. She has admitted standing over me with a knife while I slept. I am the sole provider and do not mind the fact that I will have to pay child support and some alimony, but will the judge advise her to get a job? I have a rental property with a tenant. Would I be able to offer her this property in lieu of any alimony? I want to take care of my kids but I no longer want to support her for the rest of her life after threatening mine. I understand that since she has not worked that i will likely have to pay some alimony but not for a long period of time. I also plan on moving them out of the current house to a smaller one that I would be able to afford if we were to get divorced. Another question is would I have to pay for where they lived, alimony and child support of just child support?



Normally in situations where the children are both older than 3, the court can, and often does, impute income to the non-working spouse, in the amount they are capable of earning based on work history and education, or in the amount of minimum wage.

The rental property will be part of the property distribution, and in my opinion you will be ordered to pay some amount of alimony, depending on your ability to pay and your Wife’s reasonable needs.

Alimony and child support together are meant to provide for hers and the children’s living expenses.