Hand Drawn Contracts?

Three years ago, my husband signed a legal document, that I created, stating that, “…All gifts from my grandparents, past, present and future are my sole property.” He signed this form because we had just put the downpayment down on a new house, and I found that he had begun drinking again, and I refused to go through with the house deal unless he signed. I did not want to get stuck with a house that I could not afford, and no funds to help me and my children survive. My grandparents had wired large sums of money into our joint account throughout our 15 year marriage. He signed it, and even wrote, “I love you Boo Boo” at the bottom. My previous lawyer said that this shows intent (that he intended for me to have this money if he messed up again…which he did) and will hold up in court. My current lawyer is not so sure, as the letter was hand drawn and was not notarized. What do you think? Thank you!

I agree with your current lawyer in that I believe the letter can be presented in court as evidence of his intent, but is not definitive as it was not notarized and is not a formal agreement.