Has anyone filed papers for divorce decree w/o attorney?


My boyfriend is Pro-Se (no attorney) and he wants to file for his divorce decree. It’s been 15 months since separation. Has anyone done this without the help of an attorney? If so, what all did it involve??


I filed for divorce pro se. It may differ from county to county, but basically you go to the clerk of court and pick up a set of forms ( a complaint) and fill them out. Among these will be instructions telling you that you must send something to your STBX to inform them that you are filing for divorce.

Now this was years ago, so they may have forms and instructions online. It’s also worth noting that myself and my ex had nothing to divide between ourselves save our cars, and so we just filled out the forms and waited the prescribed amount of time. We didn’t even show up in court and received our final divorce decree by mail.

If you have anything to split, like a house, or have kids, then you need to put all your requests for division of assets, debts, and time/custody with the kids. I believe this website has a guide for going pro se.