Alimony & filing for divorce pro se in NC

Is there a way to present my request for alimony to a judge’s decision (separated husband will not communicate with me) without the need for an attorney? I’d like to file on my own pro se as we do not have assets to split. I can not afford an attorney, but I also do not see any information on how to file for alimony alone, without an attorney involved. Thanks so much in advance!

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Yes, you can file your own complaint in court and represent yourself without an attorney.

Take a look at a sample complaint to help you draft yours. Note that this complaint is for more than just alimony, but includes alimony as a claim for relief.

Check out our service, Rosen Online: You can get access to a library of legal forms and communicate with an attorney through our Rosen Online Service. This service only costs $199/month, and would be a great resource for you to handle your alimony issue without spending thousands of dollars retaining an attorney.

Anna, thank you so much you are awesome! This is great information, I really appreciate it and your time!