Pro Se Alimony

I’m trying to find out the procedure for filing a petition for alimony on my own as well as the most common means of proceeding once filed. I have written the complaint for relief and had it notarized and attempted to turn it along with my complaint for jurisdiction, post separation support, child custody, child support, and absolute divorce to the Orange Co. district court. The clerks office said they’d never had anyone represent themselves in alimony proceedings, so she was unsure of how to proceed and did not take my complaint. She did explain the process for getting time in front of the judge but what I’m interested in finding out is, in particular, what forms or paperwork do I need to complete once I have successfully filed the petition? I’m sure the financial information on both spouses would be needed in order to go through the process. Any help is greatly appreciated I’m in dire need.

Each county has it’s own local rules regarding filing requirements. I would look at Orange County’s local rules (which you can find at You may want to consider using our Rosen Online Service. This service only costs $199/month, and gives you access to our library of legal forms as well as the ability to communicate with an attorney about procedure and the necessary forms.