What's my next step?

I’ve filed and served my husband by certified mail my Jurisdictional Allegations, Claim for Relief: Alimony from Bed and Board; Second Claim for Relief: Equitable Distribution and Third Claim for Relief : Costs, Expenses and Attorney Fees (I have no attorney and no children from this marriage) I Filed his return of service with the clerk of court. I have a list of dates for hearings but don’t know what supposed to do now.

If you need help with procedure, you may be interested in our Rosen Online Service. This service only costs $199/month, gives you access to our library of legal forms as well as communication with an online attorney.

You can also read the local rules for your county on the NC Courts website; that may help you figure out your next steps.

As fair as that is, right now I can’t buy food or gas. I appreciate all your firm offers but I have less than nothing as far as money. He was supporting me with more than half my income and it’s been gone for 6 weeks. :frowning:

not an attorney

Check with legal aid, if the ex took marital funds you may want want to try to work out a deal with an attorney for them to ask for attorney fees and interim distribution of marital assets.

Thank you, I will check into that. Any other advice is more than welcome!!

Lindsey, how often will I be able to communicate via email for the $199/month?

What did your lawyer said about this? I think he is the only person who can advice you properly as to what to do and what not to. I am not a professional lawyer but have read an article over forum juridique at LegiSocial. You can also have a read over the same, you might get any idea.

Thanks. I don’t have a lawyer. Can’t afford one.