Having an affair what are my rights?

This is kind of long and complicated but I’ll try to summarize it. Still married after 10 years but have been sleeping in seperate rooms for 4 years now, she works part time and he has a small business that is doing pretty well. She met somebody a while ago and has been having an affair, they now want to be together, the wife and the man she’s seeing. Before she files for divorce she wants to know if she is entitled to anything because of the affair, does she get her portion of the business or the house or anything like that? they have no children together. It’s a long drawn out situation, any advice you can give me would be appreciated.

NC does not consider affairs in property distribution. She is still entitled to her share of the assets.

does Rosen Law offer a free preliminary meeting to discuss options and answer questions? if so, can you give me details? is it an hour or two or is it a pay when you walk in the door type thing?

I’d really like to start the process but i have a few questions.

Thank you for your help!

Our consultation fee is $250.00 and the time is not limited, but normally takes an hour to an hour and half.