There are very few lawyers that will handle a case like yours without being paid. You might contact your county bar association and see if there are any programs that you can talk with. This is a crucial time to find counsel before you lose your rights.

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After 7 years of marriage my husband began his second affair in one year. I was aware of his indescretions, he even lost his job because of it, and patiently tried to work things out for 6 months, at which time we had no food, heat or furniture, yet he was spending large amounts of money of the other woman. In June he decided that if we had some space things may work out between us, I came home to a small island in Alaska, at which point he sold my vehicle, got rid of many of our things and took a high paying job in DC. I never heard from him but received seperation paperwork yesterday saying I was entitled to nothing and the seperation is mutual. I have evidence of his adultery, phone bills, long vacations and witnesses, he brought the woman to our grandmothers funeral last week. I am unable to work here simply because there are no businesses within walking distance from my parents home and the nearest town is over an hour away and my car was sold by him. I would like to change the agreement to read that I want my personal property and alimony, but I can not afford an attorney to draft this for me. Should I make the demands myself and if so should I let the attorney know I have evidence of my husbands adultery? The only things I have to my name are the few clothes I put in a suitcase to bring up here. Am I eligible for a pro bono case? There are no children from our marriage.