Separation /desperate in need for help

Many counties have volunteer lawyer programs to help folks without resources. That is worth exploring. Some folks borrow money from family/friends to help with the emergency situation. Some people do the legal work themselves without hiring an attorney.

I’m sorry you are having a difficult time. Good luck.

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I was locked out of my home in Oct 2002 with no money and no place to live after 9 years of marriage.I had called the police and was told I can go to a shelter and I was only intitled to get some personal items.My husband had been the sole provider in our marriage, I worked only part time in for 2 years of the 9.I took care of the house hold, all the finances and the children, 2 of his and one of mine from different marriages.I also helped him remodle his home and improve his land.He stopped paying on credit cards in my madian name that was aquired during the marriage and used for his home and the family.I have called and emailed every resource I can find including legal aide.They all tell me the same thing that I am intitled to alimony,post separation alimony and much more but none can help me unless I have money.I am staying with my daughter and her 3 children,2 boys and 1 girl, in a small 3 bedroom trailer.I take care of her children while she works in exchange of a place to sleep and food.When I explaned all this to legal aide I was told to go to social services for help.I was on welfare once before and it took me 15 years to get out of that, now my husband is forcing back into the welfare system.He only gave me my car and he is still paying payments on it and the insurance but he is also using this over me.He tells me he will not pay for the car or insurance if I am (not NICE to him).In other wards I have to have sex with my husband in order to keep my car.I have been looking for work but it is hard sence I have not had a regular job in the 10 years I was with my husband.Before marrying him I had a good job,a home (rental)but my own,I had a car and only one credit card with zero balance.Now I have no job,no home,a car that is in both our names and $28,000 in debt,no where to turn,no one who will help me get what is rightfully mine.And my husband is going to get away with this.How do I get help with no money and no job.While my husband makes $1,000 a week or more and is living it up,buying new things like computers,TVs and even hiring a personal trainer for one of the horses , I am having to rely on my daughter to support me along with her 3 children on a hair dressers wages.