Health Care Reform Act 2010

With the introduction of ObamaCare in 2014, there is a provision which states, “Children up to and including 26 years of age are the responsibility of their parents (in regards to health care insurance), even if children are working for an employer who offers insurance and child declines.” Now, looking at NC DH&H, the law states that effective September 2010, parents have the above responsibility. Here’s my problem; Looking for a simple Absolute divorce, have settled on finances and quit claim on house has been signed. ALL I require is a legal-ease statement on how to get EX to continue payments (she pays $400 per month now so I can carry children on my policy) to me so I can continue health insurance on my children. One child is 24, just graduated college, June 2010 and unable to find a job in her field of study and has been dropped from my policy because she is no longer a full time student. My son is 18 and a high school senior and will lose his SSA check when he turns 19 in December which will lesson even more the monies in the household.
Can you provide a statement that I can put into my divorce papers spelling out that payments for health insurance should continue until age 26 on youngest child.
BTW I am a disabled parent and I get a SSI check each month.

Your divorce papers will not include any provisions regarding insurance. You will need a separation agreement that deals will your property issues, and that documents can include a provision that your Wife will continue to pay you $400.00 you so that you may continue to cover your children on your insurance.