Health Insurance and separation?


Why would you even think about canceling insurance on your children, just take her off the plan at open season


You do not have to drop them off your insuance for her to get medicaid. With us, Our insurance paid the main bill with medicaid picking up the balance for the deductible. She never had to pay anything.


if you drop the children off your insurance she will turn around and use it against you “your honor the big mean man even canceled his childrens health insurance” DO NOT DO IT EVER!!!

And get in writing if you can her request. Seems to me that there is something fishy about intentionally changing things so you can get public assistance.



Me and my wife are no longer living in the same house. We have not gotten a Legal Seperation. She has applied for Food Stamps and Medicaid for herself and our children (3 children). She stated that she needs me to cancel our Health Insurance coverage with my present employer so she can obtain Medicaid. What are the legal ramification of this?