Help quick!Can i transfer my husbands money back


This is the pitfall of having a joint account. If he’s established a new account in his name only, you cannot touch whatever is in that account. I suggest you establish another account (preferrably at another bank)in your name only and see if the bank will allow you to close the joint account. As far as the $5000 goes, I don’t think there’s a lot you can do about it now. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to see if he’s applying for credit using your information either. If he is, you need to contact the credit agencies and advise them that you did not authorize use of your credit information.


He isnt trying to take my credit just all the money,i have both kids and i live with my mom,he even wanted the little bit that was left in thhe joint to pay his bills for the month.I can and i am able to transfer what money he put into that other account.Will i get into deep trouble if i do this?He is in a hurry for a reason to get all his stuff switched over.He acts like we are together one min then apart the next.I dont see why he is in such a rush?I wonder if he has already filed for a devorice?He told me who ever files first gets nothing?!?!? I am confused my faimly says take the money,that the judge will not be hard on me for that b/c of his history.I just dont know what the wise thing is to do for us,but if there isnt a US then no questions asked i would take the money,hands down.


I don’t believe that you can touch an account that does not have your name on it. But if you are able to reverse the transfer of funds,I would contact the bank immediately and either have his name removed from that account or open a new one, as Hawkman said, at another bank. You are able to access money in a joint account as much as he is. As far as if you would get into trouble for transferring money back…ask them at the bank or talk to an attorney. If the bank says that you can transfer funds back, I wouldn’t see that it would be a problem since it’s his bills you are paying. Keep all receipts and records.
If the bills you are paying are in his name alone, you should not be held responsible for them after date of separation. If he takes your name off the ssi as a payee, then you would have no way to pay his bills.
I would make sure that your information is not being used to get the new credit lines and if it has been you should be able to close those accounts or at the very least contact the company that issued the credit card and explain the situation to them. They may be able to tell you what you can do to get your information off the account. You can contact the credit reporting agencies to ask that they not issue credit using your information unless you are contacted directly. I’ve had to do this after getting some papers with my ss number stolen.
Get a separation agreement drawn up stating the date that he moved out. From that date forward, all debts should be his sole responsibility. Go to the home site and look up what is unequal distribution and what a judge will take into consideration when totalling up marital assets and debts.


into our joint account?My husband took over $5000 out of our joint account and made himself a new one.I didnt noticed that he had set this account at the same bank until i login to check my balance,he left $750.He has only called me once out of the many times i have called him.The first thing he says is have you paid my bills.He gets an ssi check my name pfor him,this is last months check i asume for last months bills.I must have set up the online banking into his ss# and not mine,i didnt know.So i can view to transfer the funds back.How much trouble can i get into if i do this.He plans to take whats left and put it into his brother checking,i asume so i cannot touch it.He also plans to get up bright and early tomorrow and have all this done,my name taken off his ssi as a payee…I have always paid his bills.We got into a little fight and he moved out.It wasnt two days later he was dating someone else.One min he is acting like everythign is fine and then the next it is up to me to take care of everything.I expained to him about the bills,he isnt able to pay what he owes period!He just thinks buy buy buy!But when its all gone i know he will be upset.He cant think for him self.I dont want to be little him but its ture.He has spent over $1000 of this money in one week,we have been apart got a $3000 circut city card,and who knows what else,i dont know what to do.I know he will try his hardest to put me into jail.I just dont know if its worth it.I live in mississippi btw,i couldnt find any local advise. sry